We prepared below a complete list of information you might need in order to find out who we are, how we plan to improve your daily life and how Citylink bike renting works!

What does Citylink mean?

Citylink is a service developed by Concept Apps Development SRL.

We are a local company with 7+ years of experience in the software industry and work to bring all Bucharest inhabitants more spare time and the possibility to travel fast around the city, with the help of 350 new bicycles rentable from important relaxation spots:

  • Victoriei Square (near Kiseleff park and National Museum of Geology)
  • Montreal Square (near Free Press Square and Herăstrău Park)
  • Bazilescu Park

This is only the beginning, we plan to extend the renting locations in the near future. The service name is Citylink because our plan is to connect the city, for you, using a fast and simple means of travel and avoiding Bucharest traffic at low costs.

What kind of bicycles can I rent?

Today city life bring lots of stressful moments, either due to daily routine or too much work, with less and less time spent enjoying time outdoor or strolling around.
We planned your next bike experience, just the way we designed our entire service, as a nice stroll: our bike model is excellent, comfortable, robust and silent.

  • steel metal universal frame, unisex, vertical position, comfortable
  • 505mm universal size, adapted to European average height at 14 years old
  • steel forks offering safety, light-weight, practical for beginners, with extra elasticity and able to absorb vibrations
  • double front v-brakes with no sudden blocking risks, suitable for beginners during recreational strolls
  • back glove brakes, common to most beginners, safe and extremely efficient during wet conditions
  • gearing and fork end are responsible for a couple fitted especially for city travel and light slopes
  • mud defenders, made completely of steel, allow travel during bad weather and low ponds and will keep clothes free of stains, so even business clothing is possible
  • the gear case protects trousers or skirts from getting caught
  • rear luggage rack is accompanied by a steel front bike basket, comfortable and generous with luggage as large as a backpack

We hope you’re now convinced to try out Citylink, let’s go for a ride!

How is Citylink different from other bike renting services?

From the beginning, you need to know our city bikes are brand new, they run smoothly so you can enjoy the city worry-free. On top, we offer a convenient price of 5 lei per hour of usage and, if you need the bike for a longer duration, we charge the best price in town, only 20 lei per day.

The renting centres are present in dense and populated areas, both parks and favourite bikers spots, with great connections to the entire city. Also, bike drop-offs can be done at a centre to your liking. New centres are planned to appear in the near future.

Also, we decided to cut-out cash, all transactions are done online using a credit card, from our Citylink mobile app.  Also, you won’t need to wait in long queues for filling our forms or handing IDs. All these are done once, inside our app.

Simple, fast, efficient.

Where do I find the Citylink app?

citylink appVisit www.citylink.ro from your mobile device, either Android or iOS and click the download links from the apps stores.
Install Citylink and follow the guide in order to activate an account.

Is there a charge when downloading the Citylink app?

No, there is no download cost, our mobile app is available free of charge inside the apps stores.
The only costs incurred by Citylink is the service charge applied after renting a bike at the best prices in Bucharest.

Am I eligible to rent a bicycle?

Anyone above 14 years old is allowed to use our bicycles, after presenting an ID (or passport) and a valid credit card.
First, install our Citylink app from www.citylink.ro and activate an app account so you can then rent a bicycle.

Am I allowed to rent a bicycle for my child?

Sure you can, our service allows the renting of a bicycle for you and an extra one for one child.
Open our mobile app, choose Rent a bike from the closest renting centre and ask our agent another bike when scanning our mobile app QR code.

The second bike will be charged the same as yours, 5 lei / hour and 20 lei / day.

How do I rent a bicycle?

citylink appIt’s simple:

  • Install our Citylink mobile app for your mobile operating system from www.citylink.ro
  • Create an account inside the app (you will be required to upload a copy of your ID and a selfie to match it) and introduce your valid card number to confirm your payment method
  • That’s all, you are ready to reat a bicycle by choosing a renting center on our mobile map

When choosing the renting center, our app will present you with a special QR code, which you need to show to our agents from the renting center.

They will confirm the validity of the code and will offer you a perfectly working bike from the rack.
Only then will the renting duration start and, when you retrieve the bike, the service will charge you for the entire usage duration.

Can I reserve a bicycle?

You can always verify, inside the Citylink app, the number of available bicycles at each renting center, in order to plan you trip.
You will then need to present at the renting center in order to rent a bicycle.

How long can I keep the rented bicycle?

Our daily renting program is between 08:00 and 20:00, daily.
You can use our bicycles anytime during this period but you cannot keep it overnight. The bicycle must be returned before the end of the renting program.

Don’t forget, if you choose to use a bicycle for more than 4 hours, the cost will be limited to 20 lei for the entire day!

When will I be charged for the service renting?

After you use our Citylink bicycle, we will wait for you to hand it over at any of our renting centers before the end of the renting program.

When our colleagues will receive the bicycle they will also mark the end of the renting period and only then will the service automatically deduct the amount required for the renting duration, from your valid bank card.

How do I pay for the service?

In order to rent a bicycle, you must creat an account in our Citylink mobile app, available for Android and iOS mobile operating systems, via www.citylink.ro
Inside the app, you must type the bank card details from which we will, in the future, charge you renting costs.

We will deduct any costs fro you bank card only when you close a renting period, when handing over the bicycle to our renting centers.

Where can I rent a bicycle from?

You can choose from 350 bicycles available to rent in major attraction spots across Bucharest:

  • Victoriei Square (near Kiseleff park and National Museum of Geology)
  • Montreal Square (near Free Press Square and Herăstrău Park)
  • Bazilescu Park

Also, don’t forget to check bicycle availability inside our Citylink mobile app.

Where can I ride the bicycles?

You can use our Citylink bicycles anywhere in Bucharest, the only condition is to return then in a renting center at your convenience before the end of the renting program.
If you with to ride and safely park & secure the bicycle somewhere in the city, you must remember the full responsibility for it’s safety is yours, in case of damage or theft you will have to pay the value of the bicycle.

Don’t forget to oblige all public road travel legislation and ride safely!